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会计决策导论 - Induction : Accounting for Decision Making SHUMBAX

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Course Staff

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Dr. REN Yongping

PhD, Accounting, Xiamen University, China.
Professor, School of Management, Shanghai University, China.
Managing Director –Academic, MBA Center, Shanghai University, China.


Dr. REN got his PhD from Xiamen University. He has more than 30 years of teaching experience and 25 years of corporate/consultancy experience.
Dr. Yongping REN is an accounting professor, doctoral supervisor in school of management of Shanghai University. He is a member of the Committee of Accounting Basic Theory of the Accounting Society of China (ASC).
Dr. Yongping REN received his Ph.D. in Xiamen University in1999. His teaching major is financial accounting, financial statement analysis, accounting theory, Mergers and acquisitions, etc. he has more than 30 years teaching experience. His study is focus on IFRS, International accounting convergence, enterprises credit ranking, corporate governance. He published around 50 papers on core accounting journal. Therein 4 papers were published in Accounting Research, which is a top journal of accounting society in China. Dr. Yongping REN also has rich accounting practice experience. He had worked as a financial controller and director in a Germany’s company for around 6 years. Since 2003 he started to work as an independent director in listed companies. Recent 10 years, he took the position of independent director or financial consultant in more than 10 listed companies or private companies.

Academic and Professional Qualification
Xiamen University, PhD in accounting, 1999
Xiamen University, Master’s degree of accounting, 1992
Jiangsu University, Bachelor’s degree of accounting, 1984

Academic and Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
Professor in Shanghai University. Teach accounting principle, financial accounting, accounting theory, and international accounting.
Accounting theory research/ For graduate course Financial Accounting/ For GLMBA
For undergraduate course/ International accounting
Accounting theory
Accounting principle
Financial accounting
Worked as an instructor, associated professor and a professor. During this period, taught accounting principles, financial accounting, cost accounting, financial accounting theory, international accounting, and accounting English.

Professional Experience
Shanghai University, Professor and Director in Accounting department in the college of business and administrative management.
Jiangsu University, Financial Professor of accounting department and Vice Chief in financial section of Jiangsu University.
Jiangsu University, Instructor, Associated Professor, Professor in the college of industry and business.
Worked as financial consultant, financial controller, director of German party in Zhenjiang Rietschle Co.,Ltd.
Worked as independent director in JIangsu Yangnong Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Research/ Other Scholar Activities

Received the reward of excellent course of Accounting principle in Shanghai Education committee.

Got the project of key course development of accounting principle from Shanghai Education committee.
Selected as candidate of accounting research leading scholar by Ministry of finance of China.
Studied the key graduate courses of accounting at Brock University in Canada.
Attended the Inaugural Asia-Pacific Corporate Governance Conference. 25th August 2005.
Attended the conference on accounting and management between Taiwan and Mainland 11th Sep. 2005.
Got the project of SME credit management system study from Shanghai Philosophy and social science office.
Got the project of credit information sharing and credit checking system study from Shanghai educational committee.

Personal Development

Attended advanced training program for accounting research leading scholar, which was organized by Ministry of finance of China (Xiamen Apr. 2006)
Attended advanced training program for accounting research leading scholar, which was organized by Ministry of finance of China (Shanghai Sep. 2006)
Attended Case teaching and writing workshop program. Which was jointly organized by Tsinghua University and the University of Western Ontario
Attended listed company independent director training program, which was organized by SEC of China and the Tsinghua University

1. 关于会计准则国际趋同下财务报告概念框架拓展(On the Extension of the Financial Reporting Conceptual),Yongping REN, Contemporary Accounting Review Vol.7 No.2 December 2014.

2. 从 IASB 概念框架重建,看会计基础理论创新 ——基于 IASB《财务报告概念框架复评》文稿的思考(Accounting theory innovation in IASB’s new concept framework ---basing on IASB <A review of the Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting), Yongping REN. 2014.5.18

3. 论中小企业会计准则的国际趋同(Global convergence on the theory of small and medium-sized enterprise), Yongping REN, Friends of Accounting. 2013

4. “大”“小”企业会计准则差异比较(Difference between on the "big" and "small" accounting standard for business enterprises), Yongping REN, Accounting. 2013

5. IPO企业上市前主要财务指标的统计分析 ——以中小板制造业为例(A statistical analysis of the main financial indicators on IPO enterprise), Yongping REN, Accounting. 2013

6. 上市企业“摘帽”条件变更与政策效应分析(Analysis on condition change and policy effect on Listed enterprises "pick cap" ), Yongping REN, Financial & Accounting. 2013

7. Application of TOC in xingyuan filter Co.,Ltd, Yongping REN, China management case sharing center. 2014

8. Study on the Framework of Fiancial accounting concept, Yongping REN,, Study Program supported by Ministry of finance of PRC. 2015

9. The effect of earnings management and short-term management future --Evidence from the A-Share Markets of Chinese stock exchange, Yongping REN, Academic Journal of Shanghai University. 2016

1. 2009年,获得上海大学教学名师奖(2009, Shanghai University Teaching Award)

2. 2008年,上海市《基础会计学》重点课程建设项目,获得上海大学教学成果二等奖(2008, Shanghai “Basic Accounting” key course construction project, Shanghai University Teaching Achievement Award Second.)

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